Personalized Wellness Assessments

Take your health to the next level with Alive's custom wellness assessments. Based on your symptoms and cutting-edge testing, your deficiencies are identified for a custom infusion and recommendations.

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How do Alive's custom wellness assessments work?

Step 1:

Schedule your 30-minute consultation with our medical team to discuss your symptoms and find out which tests are right for you.

Step 2:
Blood Work

Complete your required blood work, so Alive medical professionals can analyze the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Step 3:

Once lab results are recieved by our facility, the Alive team will determine your deficiencies and what your custom infusion requires.

Step 4:
Infusion Session

Sign-up for our membership program to ensure that you receive the fluids and minerals you need on a regular basis. Pay per infusion programs available.


Wellness Assessment Benefits

Those looking to optimize their health or those suffering from chronic medical conditions can experience the benefits of a custom infusion package easily. Daily demands affect us in a variety of negative ways and determining your deficiencies will be life-changing for your health.

Higher efficiency compared to oral supplements.
Unique blend of vitamins & electrolytes.
Custom dosing based on specific bodily needs.
Repair cellular damage, prevent aging, & recover youthful vigor.